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Covid 19

COVID Policies

CommUNITY Arts STL is committed to complying with all local, state and federal guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic and public safety. To this end, CommUNITY Arts have created new health guidelines and procedures for our staff, volunteers, contractors and guests.


We are committed to practices inline with Missouri ArtSafe guidelines and recommendations to enable us to create, attend and present safely.

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Missouri ArtSafe Pledge

  • To ensure that we may Create Safely, Present Safely, and Attend Safely we pledge to:

    • Facial coverings.

    • Social distancing.

    • Health checks.

    • Contact tracing.

    • Enhanced sanitation.

  • Training in COVID-19 safe practices.

Masks & Cleaning  

  • All staff will have had a health check and wear masks and appropriate PPE.

  • We will not come to CommUNITY Art’s activities or events if we are sick. 

  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations will be available.

  • Practice personal hygiene. Wash our hands frequently and properly.

  • Contact Tracing

  • Require completion of contact tracing form for all staff, volunteers and participants upon entry 

  • Record Name, date, time, phone number, and passing of temperature check

  • Tickets and Reservations

  • Purchasing tickets or making reservations for free events online and contact-free is recommended. 

  • Limited Capacity and Seating Separations

  • We will have marked off seating to maintain social distancing at all events.

  • Before each show, a staff member will be present to help with health checks, providing contact tracing information, and seating in order to maintain healthy distances.

  • Ongoing Training

  • All staff, volunteers, contractors will be required to watch the Missouri ArtSafe video prior to events.

  • Wear a Mask  

  • In line with CommUNITY Arts’ policies and local government policies, CommUNITY Arts will require masks to be worn while not actively eating or drinking.

  • We are able to provide masks for participants and patrons who do not have their own.

  • Socially Distance    

  • Practice proper social distancing by staying 6 feet away from others.

  • Do not come to CommUNITY Arts’ activities or events if you are sick.

  • Practice personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently and properly.

  • Please buy tickets and make reservations online to allow for less staff contact.

  • Please practice respect.

  • Enjoy yourself!

  • Social Distancing

What to expect from us

What we expect of you

Expect us + u

Expectations for all

  • Reduce capacity of spaces including studio, event space, back stage, visited spaces, offices, outdoor spaces, and rehearsal spaces for social distancing

  • Maintain a minimum of 6’

  • Install visible signs in easy to read locations

  • Require completion of contact tracing form for all staff, volunteers and participants upon entry (record Name, date, time, phone number, and passing of temperature check)

  • Responsible, trained staff prompt visitors to adhere to social distancing policies with respectful communication

  • Planned crowd control will be prepared for each venue and may include early admission to avoid lines, one way in and one way out traffic, keeping lobbies clear, no intermissions, controlled dismissal.

  • Re-tooled floor plans to maintain social distancing

  • Have a qualified monitor to help manage capacity and social distancing at all times

  • Onsite and Remote Staffing and Programs

  • Minimal onsite staffing 

  • Business conducted virtually when possible

  • Limit use of facilities

  • Phased re-entry onsite to Storefront Studio in groups of two or less 

  • Phased re-entry onsite to outdoor spaces in groups of 10 or less

  • Coordinated work schedules

  • Policies reviewed regularly and agreed upon by staff as a team

  • Masks and PPE required

  • Digital and virtual communication options utilized when possible

  • Routine cleaning procedures including staff and contractors disinfecting bathroom after personal use, and staff disinfecting highly touched surfaces, and removing trash wearing gloves

Expect All

Communication Strategies

  • Clearly communicate expectations and guidelines

  • Clearly set employee and contractor policies

  • Communicate instructions clearly and visibly for staff and visitors

  • Share the information at and on social media

  • Train staff to effectively and respectfully communicate current government health guidelines with the public

  • “Personal responsibility is paramount and we’re all in this together.”

Comm Strat

Event Policies and Procedures

  • ​Pre-planned schedule with a clear timeline and instructions for all participants.

  • All participants will watch the Missouri SafeArts Certification video prior to the activity.

  • No one should come to CommUNITY Arts’ activities if you feel ill or if someone at your home or workplace is ill.

  • Trained staff arrive for set-up first and depart after clean-up last.

  • Trained staff should enter indoor or outdoor space and complete the Covid-19 check in procedure.

  • Use hand sanitizer 

  • Put on a mask and gloves. Keep the mask on at all times. Masks must cover the mouth and nose—masks with two layers of fabric of cloth are ideal.

  • Take your temperature and record it with the date, time, your name and phone number. If your temperature is over 100°F (37.8°C) go home immediately as you may have a fever. 

  • Fill out the health screening and contact tracing form. Note time and date of entry.

  • Place your personal belongings in one secure place. 

  • Water is permitted in individual bottles but masks must be worn when you are not drinking.

  • Social distance adhered to for all staff, vendors, volunteers, participants and guests of 6-10  feet apart at all times.

  • If the bathroom is used, everyone is asked to sanitize the area after themselves. Everyone is asked to wash hands at least 20 seconds thoroughly with soap and water and put on clean gloves.

  • Maintain wearing mask, gloves and social distancing of 6-10 feet at all times.

  • Staff will sanitize areas where that have been occupied prior to departure. 

  • Staff will note time of departure in writing at the exit point.

Event Policies
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