Service Healing Arts Restoration

Wellness for our

local heroes 

SHARe mobilizes mental, emotional, and physical wellness efforts across emergency responder groups – fire, law enforcement, EMS and ER/trauma medical groups through expressive arts.

2020 UPDATE:

In order to continue serving emergency responders with COVID-19 precautions we have adopted a garden.  Our Stumpery Garden will host arts healing regular healing events beginning in the spring.

SHARe Workshops are tailored for :
  • Emergency Responders

  • Law Enforcement

  • Police Dispatch

  • Firefighters

  • ER/ Trauma Nurses, Doctors and Surgeons

  • Social Workers

Program proudly supported by:

Would you like a customized SHARe workshop at your workspace or organization?  Contact us!


Service Healing Arts Restoration

"[a]rt helps people express experiences

that are too difficult to put into words..."

The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health,

Heather L. Stuckey and Jeremy Nobel