Big Thank You to Foundation for BJC

Updated: Jan 20

Today we would like to give a major shout out to The Foundation for Barnes Jewish Hospital. Their board of directors votes to grant us an award of $1000 for our CommUNITY Arts Bus program. Without the support of community agencies and private donors we would not be able to complete our programs's visions. Support is especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the virus we have had to completely reimagine our transportation services and partnerships.

What is CommUNITY Arts Bus (CAB)?

CAB provides transportation services and arts programming tuition costs for youth from the ages 8-24 that have had directly impacted by community violence. In addition to transportation, we provide a one-on-one consultation to find an arts medium and program the fits best with each participant.

How has COVID impacted CAB?

Due to safety concerns CAB halted all programming in the Spring of 2020. The committee decided filling a van full of kids without the ability to social distance was too dangerous to continue. Also, most of our arts program partners also cancelled their in-person programming. Even though the virus stopped community programs, the impact of violence has not stopped traumatizing the children. We have shifted our programs to have one-family per volunteer driver, search for virtual arts programming, and solely partner with in-person arts programs who have clear COVID safety precautions. We have students lined up to re-enroll in CAB starting in January thanks to our committee's flexibility and resilience to keep serving.

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