Our Mission

CommUNITY Arts STL mobilizes the local arts community and their resources to aid the anti-violence efforts

from tradegy to unity

On February 6, 2017 a local dancer, Rain Stippec, and a local fighter were ambushed by two gunmen in Soulard, Saint Louis.  The firefighter withstood gun wounds to the arm while Rain took eight bullets in the back. Just in the first week following the shooting, Rain underwent seven surgeries, most lasting upwards to 5 hours at a time.


In response to this tragedy, Rain's closest artistic friends decided to create a small concert to help offset the climbing medical costs.  The concert to grew, to their surprise, to a two-weekend festival in Grand Center featuring local arts organizations such as The Big Muddy Dance Company, MADCO, and Saint Louis Symphony players.  In addition to the performance, local organizations such as YogaBuzz, Alive and Well STL, Angel Band Project, Victim's Advocacy Center provided workshops at the festival.


Due to the overwhelming response of the arts community  the team of artists vowed to continue using the arts to aid Saint Louis..

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Saint Louis, MO


Executive Director

Co-founder and Executive Director of CommUNITY Arts STL, Paige is responsible for day-to-day operations of the organization with a focus on creating partnerships throughout the Saint Louis area to heal the city. As a professional dancer by trade, Paige uses her talents to communicate with passionate artists and community members by sharing our vision of using of art to unify our community to counteract violence. 




Lionel Christian

Allyson Ditchey

New York City, NY 

York City Dance Alliance

Saint Louis, MO

Connect The Arts

Emily Herman

Saint Louis, MO

Great Circle

Jane McKibben

Saint Louis, MO


US Army

Sarah Diaz

Saint Louis, MO

Laurie Ritchey

Saint Louis, MO

Whole Arts Connection

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Marcus Johnson

Young Artists Workshop Coordinator

Saint Louis, MO

Renee Johnson's Dance Floor

Jessica Epperson


Saint Louis, MO

Clinical Social Worker Children's Hospital

Rain Stippec

Survivor, Volunteer

Saint Louis, MO

Movement Arts Center

Lydia Wood


Saint Louis, MO

Saint Louis Children's Hospital

Darryl Hunter


Co-Founder Culture Fiend Media

Saint Louis, MO

Bishoppe Kamusinga


Saint Louis, MO

Principia College